About Us

What is a Unitarian?

Unitarianism may be unfamiliar to you but it is not a new religious movement. Rooted in the European Christian tradition, it has been shaped by the scholarship and critical thinking of people with inquiring minds who prized independent thought. It has offered courageous challenges to established religious and secular authorities alongside a proud record of social action. The rejection of any traditional fixed creedal expression of faith has led to more open and radical exploration which welcomes insights from other traditions and philosophies. Individual experience is respected, Unitarians recognise that not every thought is final: doubt, change and development are crucial to the considered life. As there are no easy answers to the difficult existential questions we all encounter, Unitarians welcome the companionship of others with whom we can explore the meaning of life as a shared endeavour. We try to be a warm, open-hearted and inclusive community seeking to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Evesham Unitarian Community

An inclusive and welcoming community offering a range of activities for spiritual and physical well-being. Regular activities and special events are held throughout the year, provided by groups and individuals aligned with our values. We invite you to be part of this venture. Please Contact Us. See our What’s On page for upcoming events, workshops and talks. Our venue is available for retreats, workshops, private sessions as well as all rites of passage: weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies.

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For more information about us and Unitarianism, see our links page.