Anxiety Workshop

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Place: The Gatehouse, Oat Street, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 4PJ

Do you struggle with anxiety & overwhelm?

Have you noticed anxious thoughts & a sense of overwhelm has got worse with the menopause?

You are NOT alone!

1/3 of women going through menopause report debilitating anxiety & overwhelm.

And there is a way through this.

In this workshop you will discover

• why anxiety gets worse in menopause

• why menopause makes anxiety & overwhelm worse

• breath practices to calm balance & soothe your mind

• yoga poses to calm balance & align the nervous system

• grounding practices for balance, centring & grounding

• reflection & journaling to reflect, reframe & re-prioritise

• conscious awareness & relaxation to reignite mind body connection

• how to befriend yourself & become your best friend

• how to release unhelpful thoughts

You will go away

• feeling heard, seen & supported

• with realistic self-care tips & tools to support you

• feeling balanced, calm & centred

• knowing you aren’t alone

• feeling peaceful & calm