Facial Bliss Workshop

Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm
Place: The Gatehouse, Oat Street, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 4PJ

Our skin is at the mercy of many forces as we age: sun, harsh weather, and bad habits. But we can take steps to help our skin stay supple and fresh-looking.

How your skin ages will depend on a variety of factors: your lifestyle, diet, heredity, and other personal habits.

Fine, lines and wrinkles are natural and inevitable, but with the right information – and proper skin care products and routine you can take a proactive approach to ageing gracefully.

Discover face yoga, breath & massage, skin-care & beauty techniques to slow down aging in this workshop.

Vicky is a skincare expert & Alex is a face yoga expert. Together we will discover how in just a few minutes a day you can slow down the aging process.

Did you know you have up to 60 muscles in your face?

And that from our early 20’s with every year we grow older we loose 1.5% of our collagen & elastin?

As we age, express ourselves facially & experience the inevitable stresses & strains of life, it all starts to take a toll on our face.

Face yoga is all about using different intentional exercises to tone the muscles of the face. Just like we tone our body & know the benefits this brings, the same applies to our face. As we strengthen & tone the muscles, the skin is attached to the muscle so it starts to lift, becoming smoother & firmer, which improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

By combining these exercises with acupressure & massage, which help to relax the muscles, boost the circulation, improve the flow of blood feeding the skin, remove toxins, boost collagen & elastin, make the face look fresher, plumper & firmer.

Relaxation is an important part of face yoga, learning to be consciously aware of the face, where we told tension & releasing it has a beautifully beneficial impact on how our face looks & feels.

Vicky is a skin care expert & shares her wisdom regarding skincare & beauty routines.

In our Facial bliss workshop you will learn what works for you, the right products for your skin type or issue. Get to try products to help. Including a goodie bag to take away with you.

Become part of the pro-aging revolution: facial bliss!

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